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The Triumphant Return of Chicken and Waffles, Plus A Hot Daily Special For Anyone With A Name

We didn't think you'd raise such a fussy clucking when chicken and waffles faded away, but we were so wrong. Our bad. We're making amends by bringing back Chicken and Waffles on Thursdays and Sundays from 4:00 p.m. until y'all eat it all. When do we start? Tomorrow. Thursday. September 27th, 2018 AD. Let there be no confusion: Byrd & Barrel's savory-sweet, buttermilk brined bird complements our hot, crisp waffles like a dandy Southern gentleman fills a seersucker suit. We'll stop there. Nothing more needs saying. No, wait. Actually, there is more. This Monday we started The Name Game. Get ready to lose a few feathers over this, because it's an extraordinary development. Each day, we pick a funny hat out of the lost and found (There are many.) We fill that funny hat with names written on scraps of the finest artisan paper. Then, with much ceremonial flourish, we pick a single name out of the hat. If that name is your name too, you win 50% off your own single item. It’s like an extra birthday for you to celebrate.

#yes #winning We hear you in the back, sir, and yes, your hard-earned victory in The Name Game applies to Chicken and Waffles on Sundays and Thursdays. And yes, Tim Jr., you can bring both Tim the First and Third for a cross-generational dinner deal after the go-karts. Wouldn't it be a miracle if that day's funny hat turned out to be your own long lost ten-gallon sombrero, Tim? Talk about #blessed! If you follow us on the usual social networks, you'll see the results of The Name Game each morning. You can almost taste the savings now, can't you? Is there more amazing news to come? A thousand times, yes. We guarantee more powerful discoveries are in store from our store. Follow us closely and keep your ears peeled for all the latest news from your dear pals at Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream.

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