South County & Soulard is Officially Open!

Boardwalk Ice Cream Flavors are being rotated in....

South County:
4348 Telegraph Road (314-939-1079)
1001 Russell Blvd (314-802-8569)

New Menu at Boardwalk-Adult

We have added a new menu for our bigger kids that come and enjoy our waffle ice cream sandwiches.

Waffle Brunch at the Boardwalk

Times and Locations Coming Soon

Delivery Available

Holy Cow!  DoorDash, GrubHub, Ubereats AND Postmates DELIVERY! We’ve perfected freezing our made-fresh waffles, so you can reheat them, put a scoop of ice cream on ‘em and top them w/powdered sugar.

We have three ways to reheat our waffles to get them back to their original crispness....Toaster Oven, Regular Oven, and Stove Top Skillet..  

Currently available at Maplewood and Telegraph locations.  GrubHub is currently available at Soulard.  DoorDash and Ubereats delivery is coming to all Soulard soon!

eGift Cards Available

Give the Perfect Gift!

Everyone Loves Ice Cream...  Celebrate with your friends and family with an eGift to Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream.  

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Boardwalk Waffles & Ice Cream


7376 Manchester Rd.
Maplewood , MO, 63143, US

About us

We make hot, Belgian-style waffles to order, then load ‘em up with ice cream, sandwich-style! It’s a twist on a classic Jersey Shore treat, but we're here in St. Louis. 

Business Hours:
-7376 Manchester Road (314-449-1209)
Monday - Thursday 2pm - 9pm
Friday - 12pm - 10pm
Saturday - 12pm - 10pm 
Sunday - 12pm - 9pm

-4348 Telegraph Road (314-939-1079)
Monday - Thursday 2pm - 9pm
Friday - 12pm - 10pm 
Saturday - 12pm-10pm 
Sunday - 12pm - 9pm 

-1001 Russell Blvd (314-802-8569)
Monday - Thursday 2pm-9pm
Friday - 12pm - 10pm
Saturday - 12pm - 10pm
Sunday - 12pm - 9pm

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